Ritual Watch Ep. 4 – Nick Gangi – @Couchpodato

One of the best parts about this hobby is connecting with fellow enthusiasts to better understand what fuels their interest in watches. Some collectors are attracted to only specific brands, while others choose to venture out a bit more. Then you have those who set out to explore all the hobby has to offer. One such collector is Nick Gangi.

Nick is a serial collector who has had the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most coveted pieces, small micro-brands, and virtually everything in between. Listen now to learn about Nick’s collecting journey thus far and what lies ahead.

To see some of the beautiful pieces from Nick’s collection, consider following him on Instagram @Couchpodato.

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Music from this episode comes to us courtesy of our friends at Chillhop. Based in Rotterdam, Chillhop brings together some of the best independent jazz and hip-hop artists to create the most chill beats you’ll find anywhere.

Episode Music –
Leavv- Within
Mama Aiuto – All In Good Spirit 

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